Well, I can't tell whether you're a genius or just insane. Either way, you make some genuinely disturbing things (which, in my opinion, is a good thing.). Well, umm, yeah, keep up the good work. the monster hands quote is quite possibly the greatest thing ever. My friends don't believe me that your site is the greatest thing ever. I shall smite them.


Hi Shaye! I love your website! I hope your T.B.D. is better,
maybe some more strict wire therapy is needed? I saw Kristen
downtown the other night, she was wrapped in saran wrap and trying
to score KAH off some Malaysian slave traders, it was sick.
Where can I buy your dvd? I am tired of not being able to watch
turkey day whenever I want, I may have a severe meltdown if that
dvd doesn't come out soon. Whaddya think?


Your movies are visually compelling, strange, disturbing and yet impossible
to stop watching. I'm very intrigued/impressed. You have an amazingly
original imagination. Please promise not to show up outside my house in the
middle of the night. I might lose it.

Matt Hines
News Writer

SHaye, your movies scare me......but i HAVE to watch all of them i, dont know why. Im a little puzzled as to what your motive is....art, right? or is it to hypnotize people into a momentary trance? Are you starting your own cult?

I especially enjoyed the one where this guys having an epilectic fit from smelling a salad......most surreal indeed.


Phil S...................in Tampa, Florida

Just happened to come across your web page and all I can say is......... WHAT THE HELL!

What are you supposed to be? and what is with all the mangled dolls?

Please explain!
hey what is she saying after "kristen-dont do any kah"-- then she says something i cannot for the life of me figure out-- help---by the way-- LOVE THE WEBSITE-- alot--- jackie
I stumbled upon your website.

I have a question: Why? Is it real?



Hey Shaye I love your stuff you interest me more and more each time I see you I would love to meet you Shaye. I feel really bad about your accident and I want to help you with any emotional support. I'm here for you and I hope to get to know you and meet you in the future I first seen your movies at the C.I.A and I loved them they are intriguing to me so feel free to write me back and maybe well do lunch sometime.

Sincerely your friend,
Jacob Stephens

Dear Shaye; I happened to learn about you and your multimedia projects through the NewTimes. I was excited for you, and still am, but I'm also sorry for the unfair treatment you and your associates got after your film's debut at the No-art. I think this is terrible and small minded for a theater in such a big town. I bet Mr. John Waters, another terrific writer/director, would sympathize. Maybe the Indican people will help your art to be seen in New York or somewhere in the Midwest like Chicago, Milwaukee or Minneapolis. I bet they would like it there. Candy Forever, Anthula
hi my name is frank,,,,,,karl from CIA(losangeles) told me all about you. when will you be appearing at CIA? I can't wait....take it slow,,,,,franknarf
Wow! I love you! This stuff is really wonderful. Speaks to
me. I must be disturbed. Will do a quick self-examination and get
back to you on that.


i dont like you. go away. please!


Cool! I will start a fanclub for you here in Dallas!


i saw you talking to angeline the billboard queen the other day at the entrance to the mall. your hair was so atomic that i almost fainted. my friend asked me what was wrong and i told her that you were shaye but she didn't believe me and i had to slap her for even thinking that shaye was not shaye, truly. but i wanted to write to your fabulous self and mention that if it was not for you, i would not be so popular and loved. you are a goddess, shaye! please always stay that way. you should come up to b.h. sometime and sit by the pool with me. let me know.
must run! ta-ta!
p.s. i felt better after i sat down on the fender of the car for a little bit - just so you don't worry.


dear shaye,

poor little darling...i am full to the brim with empathy for what you might be going through after this "disturbing" trauma you've experienced. oh catastrophe!! fuck the nuart, the hand-picked bunch of cunts! all i have to say is that because of this i just may never visit the nuart (or k-k-kuart??) theatre again unless i am paid to (in very large sums of cash or money orders only, i might add...)!!!!!!! gotta run, time for zzzzzzzzzz's, but just know we're all here for you and you are not alone in your quest for justice in this matter of complete INJUSTICE!

i thought there was appeal to displays of a free-speech attitude in the film industry, but i guess it's still 1955 in some people's backward backwoods mentality.

keep the faith!

america the beautiful,
aka muneca #2
k.i.t. shaye & kiki

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