Maury meets Tissue
Don't laugh, it is not funny. Look at that poor child! The parents should be arrested! That girl is only 3 years old! She told Maury that she is a big fan of mine. I think it might be nice if I payed Tissue a visit. Tissue would enjoy a day at the FunBubble. Rice cakes and water only. I want to help Tissue, not make it worse. Pixston said she thought Tissue was too fat to be any fun. I think Tissue and I will have a great day!
Tissue apperently saw this ad. The ad is several years old and was seen only in Hawaii. Tissue's mom had a pile of old magazines she had brought back from...Hawaii, she would let Tissue play with the pages. Tissue fell in love with the ad and me! Her mom told me she would try to eat the ad! Tissue told her mom "Shaye is yummy!". I do not like her mom, look what she did to Tissue! I want to help Tissue.