News Flash! The Nuart Theater in West Los Angeles has pulled the plug on Shaye St. John's short film "Happy Turkey Day"!

The rumors are flying rampant and we are trying to get to the bottom of it, but as it stands if you live in Los Angeles your chance to catch Shaye on the big screen has come and gone. Sad news for everyone, but especially saddest to the star Shaye. After the exciting and glamorous Premiere on Friday February 1st, the 3 minute short vanished from the program. It seems not all Shaye fans made it to the Theater on Friday some came to escape the SuperBowl on Sunday. What they found was truly shocking! Sitting patiently through the endless barrage of boring coming attractions the reward of seeing Shaye on the large screen was not paid out. Shocked they sat patiently, thinking maybe the Theater had changed the line up and Shaye would come on at the end of the feature Tuvalu. When the credits ended for Tuvalu and still no Shaye they definitely knew something had gone horribly wrong. Rushing out to the Theater lobby they were told by a smirking popcorn pusher that "they" had cut it out. "Who are they?" the fans asked. The popcorn jockey's reply "The Theater." What could possibly be the explanation? The fans asked the $100,000 question..."Why?!".... The dull eyed ticket ripper replied, "We had gotten complaints from the customers about it being DISTURBING." What?! Disturbing?! The fans needed to know more. "How many people are we talking about?" The now exasperated concession clown snapped back, "I don't know, but enough, thats all I heard." Knowing that this conversation was over but wanting to clarify one last time the crestfallen fans asked, "So it was the Theater that decided to cut it out of the program?" "YES!", was the shrieking reply. Broken hearted they left vowing never to return to this crummy "art" Theater again.The fans were not through yet, they needed to let other fans know, so they would not make the same discovery that they had. They also had to let Shaye know too. Still reeling from the fun of the premiere Shaye received the disturbing news. When told that people complained about the short film being "disturbing" Shaye was speechless. Disturbing, disturbing, disturbing...what could they have seen that could be deemed disturbing? Shaye retreated to the chamber depressed and confused. Meanwhile the fans were busy sounding the alarm, hoping that someone out there could find out more than they could from the Theater's cranky cashier. Finally a message was received here, at shayesaintjohn.com, a message that contained a curious sound file. Something just did not seem right. Disturbing? Sure, Shaye St. John is not everyone's cup of tea but..."numerous customer complaints." Who goes to an "art" house Theater and becomes disturbed at a 3 minute "trailer"?So disturbed in fact that they need to yell at the management and demand theire money back? People who frequent these types of Theaters, for the most part, are adventurous film goers who are looking for the strange and unusual or at least something off the "beaten path". It just did not and does not make any logical sense. 3 minutes and these "numerous" customers are going berzerk? For the record, there is no sex, violence, cussing, drug taking, animal cruelty, child abuse, or any of the other things that one may find disturbing, in "Happy Turkey Day". It is a very simple film really consisting of one set, one actor, and one doll in a wicker basket. We here at the "compound" are going to let Indican, a very fine and adventurous distribution company who happens to be distributing "Happy Turkey Day" get to the bottom of this "fishy" story. Also Shaye has a fan and friend in the press, Stephen Lemons at the New Times L.A., who is working hard investigating the story. Soon there will be real answers to this hard to believe story.



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